Now is the time to plan

A pie chart with no lablesAs you may be aware, Tandem Armidale is part of a larger non-profit group, Exsight Tandems. That means that we’re an incorporated, not for profit association, and in addition we have charitable status.

It’s the time of year for doing budgets, and we’re just working on ours. We need around $1200 to run for the year. It’s not a lot of money, and just about all of it is spent making sure our bikes are able to be ridden.
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Support Tandem Armidale

You might recall our GoFundMe campaign last year, in which we offered some rewards for donations to the campaign. One was the Tandem Armidale cycling kit, which is on its way. The other two material items were T-Shirts and Caps.

It’s now time to fulfil our commitment on these, so we’re sorting these out for donors and we’ll be in touch shortly.

If you didn’t support us in the campaign, but you’d like to do so now and get yourself a cap or t-shirt (or multiples), then you can let us know now.

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Turning Pedals and not Moving

If you’re going to compete in any sport, there’s one thing you have to do: train. When it comes to being blind and a para-cyclist, things can get a little more tricky. Trying to coordinate a pilot and stoker so they can find time to ride together between family and work commitments is tricky.

If you’re following Tandem Armidale on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Google Plus, you’ll tend to see when we get out on the tandem, often at lunch and on weekends. The rest of my training is done solo, but how does that work for someone who only has light perception?

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Vale Stella Young

I was in a strange city, walking up the footpath, trailing along the shop fronts with my cane. My concentration was broken when she said my name as she passed.

It was the only time I ever met Stella in person. I’d been sent to Melbourne for a training workshop, and we’d managed to schedule a dinner with her and a couple of other mutual friends.

We walked back up the road to our dinner, me holding the back of her chair, letting her guide me through the unfamiliar territory.

I’ve not often been out with wheelchair users, so I felt that two wheelchairs, a short statured man and a blind cane user may have generated a stare or two that night. Honestly none of us could have cared less.

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The Rules of Acquisition

Ferengi looking at the rules of Acquisition

So maybe I’m being a big Star Trek nerd right here, but I couldn’t resist using the title.

After eight months of fund-raising we have still only made it a third of the way to our target for a new tandem. But it’s not all bad news. The funds we do have have netted us something after all…

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You can now show your support for Tandem Armidale by purchasing a Tandem Armidale T-Shirt from our Spreadshirt Shop.

Buying a T-Shirt will give us $5.50 of the purchase price, and it will show us off when you wear it. Use the code VAMPIRE14 to get free standard shipping if you spend over $30.

You can follow the link above, or check below for some quick ordering options. We’ve kept options limited, with basic Men’s, Women’s and Kid’s T-Shirts. If you’re keen for something else, let us know, see about adding it.

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