Quiet Weekend

This weekend isn’t going to feature any riding for us, because Dave is caught up with Merino Field Days for work.

We all have to deal with life, work, family and lots of other things that take precedence over getting out on the bike. It is, after all, only bike riding, and there are many more important things to consider. For most people, though, its not such a big thing to find a couple of hours to jump on a bike, they can do it when it suits them. When you’re the blind stoker of a tandem team, however, its not so simple.

It does become more complex when you’re juggling two lives to get out on a bike. One of the reasons Exsight is a great thing is because the number of captains/pilots in the group outnumber the stokers, so it’s much easy to find a captain for a stoker.

Exsight, however, is a great mix of people. Some are serious cyclists who race, others are people who are out for a bit of a spin, a nice coffee and a good time. One might not get the kind of ride that one might ideally like, but something is better than nothing, of course and Exsight was always more about recreation than competition.

If it weren’t for the people who’ve volunteered their time over the years, there’s lots of occasions I would never have gotten to go for a ride. Thanks to you all, I’m extremely grateful. I owe a particular debt of gratitude right now to Dave for being my current pilot.

If you’re in Sydney or Wollongong and want to try your hand on a tandem, then get in touch with Exsight. If you’re elsewhere check out Tandem Bike Australia.

And I’ll be having a spin on the stationary trainer a bit later.

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