The NPS!

National Para-cycling SeriesThis morning I have entered Dave and I in the first round of the National Para-cycling Series, which will be held in Toowoomba, Queensland. Held over two days, it will run alongside the Oceania Road Championships.

You can see the event details (and enter) on the Cycling Australia website, but in a nut shell there will be a Time Trial (course Map) held on Friday 21st and a Road Race (course map) on Saturday 22nd.

I’m not a stranger to riding with a group of tandems, we have had 10 tandems (I think) out at once with Exsight, but it will be a new experience for Dave. What will be new for both of us is racing tandems.

While its fair to say we did engage in some “racing” with Exsight, it was just the challenge of beating someone else along a stretch, not really a race. So this will be new. Dave and I have, of course, been racing with the Armidale Cycling Club.

Training has, obviously, commenced. The question being, can two older guys on a 20 year old road tandem compete against other, probably younger, people on probably newer tandems? Or will there just be no contest.

To quote The Lucksmiths: “There’s only one way to find out” (“Southernmost” from the EP “Happy Secret).

The NPS is a new event this year, organised by Cycling Australia with a number of other organisations. Beyond the national titles there seems to have been little in the way of Para-cycling events in Australia, so it’s fantastic to see this happening. If you’re around Toowoomba, Bathurst, Perth or Echuca get along and help make the event even better!

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