Time is Marching On

They Might Be Giants highlighted how time moves in their song Older, and the clock counting down the days to the first round of the National Para-cycling Series is getting closer to zero rather quickly.

Photo of a wet day

Training dedication includes getting a bit wet. Via our Insagram

That’s meant coming up with a training plan that’s shorter than we’d like, particularly given the proximity of Christmas. On the other hand, I do personally enjoy getting out on the bike more, and pushing a bit harder just to see what we can do.

Of course, one of the great things about Armidale is that we get to go riding during our lunch hour. Both Dave and I work on campus at UNE (though Dave doesn’t work for the University), so a lunch time training ride is easy to arrange, and is a great way to break up a work day.

Of course, the entries to the first round of the NPS are looking a little thin on the ground, so I’m hoping they pick up a little in the next four weeks!

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