Lots Going On

There’s been a lot going on in the Tandem Armidale camp since we got back from Toowoomba, and it’s high time I updated you all.

Firstly a small roster change, or really an addition. Phil has joined Dave as a pilot, and will be sharing the duties.

Secondly, Phil and Andrew will be heading down to Bathurst for round 2 of the National Para-Cycling Series where we hope to continue the success from Toowoomba.

Finally, you may have noticed our fund raising campaign. While Black Betty has been a great old bike, she’s well behind in terms of what’s been raced at the NPS. We’ll keep her around for training, and for others to try out tandem cycling with, so it won’t be goodbye.

So we’re aiming to raise $10,000 to get a new tandem. Expensive I know, which is why we’re looking for support from all over: community groups, business sponsors and personal donations. If you’ve any ideas to help us reach our target, let us know!

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