Fundraising Update

It’s been a while between posts again, and it’s been a little quiet on the event front here. We have been working to promote our fundraising to get ourselves a new tandem. I though it was worth taking the time here to post an update about where we are at.

As you will have noticed, our fundraising is focused on three areas, so I’ll give a quick summary and then a conclusion.

Community Support

We have been very lucky to be supported by the three Lions clubs in Armidale, with each of the Armidale Lions, Dumaresq Lions and Duval Lions providing us $250, giving us a total for the category of $750.


We’ve received 8 donations on our GoFundMe, giving us a total $549. Non-anonymous donations are listed on the Our Supporters page.

Crowd funding work best when our link is shared with your friends. If you support us, even if you can’t do it financially, sharing our links with your friends can help.


This has been our disappointing category. We’re still searching for sponsors. If you can help us out here, by sponsoring, or by putting us in contact with someone who might sponsor us, the get in touch


So this has left us with a total of $1299 raised of our $10,000 target.

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