Updates: NPS, Training and a New Teammate

Yes, it’s been a bit quiet on the Tandem Armidale blog, but things have been happening behind the scenes.

Firstly our big news is, despite being unable to make the Para-Cycling Road Nationals, we won the 2014 NPS for B Classification. Needless to say we’re really thrilled that things fell in our favour that way, after being able to make the last event.

Andrew, seated, petting Sienna who is a white Labrador

Sienna and Andrew

In other news Andrew has spent the past three weeks with a new team mate. Not a new pilot, but his first Guide Dog Sienna. They’ve managed to make it through training in just 3 weeks, which is a remarkable feat, and shows just how well they work together.

Finally, we’ve more or less backed out of any racing for the foreseeable future. Ongoing mechanicals with Black Betty are making us a bit nervous about pushing the bike at full force. We’ll go out training, but until we can get a new tandem that’s the end of our racing season.

As always we’d love you to share our campaigns on GoFundMe and our wider campaign.

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