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Thanks to a really generous donation last week our fund-raising is now at just over $2000. This donation was for $400, and took me somewhat by surprise. Yes I had included a $400 option on the GoFundMe, but I wasn’t really expecting anyone to take it up. Needless to say I’m really thankful.

I have been asked why I’m asking for funding from people and groups. In effect I’ve been asked why I’m deserving of support. It’s a fair question, and I’ll do my best to respond.

First and foremost, I’d say that whether or not I’m deserving of your support is really up to you. I can make a case, but it’s always your choice. I have no way of knowing if you’ve read this and decided not to support me, I only know of your decision to do so. We all have choices to make about where we share our money, I’ll make mine as you’ll make yours.

In a nut-shell the reason I’m asking for your help is that I’m blind. Because I’m blind I can only ride a tandem. If I could see I could ride a regular bike which would cost a lot less, and it would hardly seem reasonable to be asking people for support.

We’re looking at a basic racing tandem bike at around $10,000. A similarly spec’d single bike is around the $1000-$1500 mark. It’s a pretty big penalty for being blind and wanting to participate in sport. As many of my blind friends point out, a blind person taking part in sport (and particularly an aerobic sport) needs a guide (or pilot) to keep us safe, and that immediately doubles participation costs. In the case of cycling (or triathlon, for that matter) we’re also looking at specialist equipment.

It’s not like I’m blind through any fault of my own, though even if I were would it be any less equitable?

If we can win the Tandem Category of the National Para-Cycling Series on an old tandem that was never built for racing, imagine how we might compete with a modern machine.

But we don’t get that chance without help from you, as a sponsor, a community group donor or as an individual donor.

As individuals anyone can help with any amount. 20 people donating $5 is still $100. I’d really love an opportunity, and a little can help get me there.

Sponsors and community groups can check out the support us page, individuals can donate either by using PayPal (with a credit card or via their linked accounts) with GoFundMe or by direct deposit to:
Account Name: Tandem Armidale Racing Team
BSB: 932-000
Account: 735588

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