An Update

It’s the end of June, and we’re past the Winter Solstice (or Summer Solstice if you’re on the north half of the planet). The early morning and late evening chills are definitely in the air here in Armidale, it’s not the best riding weather.

Illness has kept me off the bike a bit of late, I’ve been sick as has my wife and son. Beyond that, mechanical problems have kept Black Betty in the shed for a while, so what little riding I’ve been doing has been on the trainer at home.

Things are starting to look better. Black Betty is once again ride-able, and schedules are falling into place a little better. If we could get past the season of winter illness, we’d do much better.

But these are the challenges we face, fitting the things we want to do into our lives. And add into the mix learning to work with my Guide Dog Sienna, and it’s been a busy few months!

On the fundraising front, we stand at a total of just under $2400, and there’s some news in the pipeline that I can’t yet speak of.

As always, thanks to those of you who’ve donated to out fundraising, and those of you who’ve shared our posts and links. Please do share our stories and our fundraiser with your friends.

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