The Return

photo of the sun in the sky

As I mentioned last post I’ve been pretty sick over the past few months, but finally things are starting to look up.

Despite being relatively well for two weeks, I was in Brisbane for family things. On coming back to Armidale it had been intended to get back into training right away, but after only a few days of work I came down with yet another throat infection.

At this point I was feeling pretty dismal about the whole illness thing. Determined to be rid of this thing, I’ve been gargling with an iodine based throat gargle. It’s surprising how you can get used to the taste of things. For the record, baby formula is no longer repulsive. I can’t say I want to sit down to a glass of the stuff, but I can handle the taste.

On Tuesday 21 October Dave and I set out on a short 11km ride on the tandem. It had been eight and a half weeks since we last rode the tandem, which was between my first and second bouts of the flu. The ride was just a gentle roll, kind of messed up by discovering my cleats had well and truly worn out, and were not inclined to staying clipped in.

So I finally replace the cleats with the spare set I’d had sitting around for a few months (while I’d been sick). A run out to Dumaresq Dam was much better on Thursday. I felt like my body realised what it was doing and said “oh! I remember this, this I can do!”. This was followed, towards the end of the ride by “oh, we haven’t done this in quite some time”.

None of this is surprising, of course. I’d expect being ill not to do my fitness any favours. Not being able to ride for so long has clearly left a mark. None the less, there are targets starting to form ahead, so it’s time to knuckle down and see which ones we might hit when the time comes.

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