The Rules of Acquisition

Ferengi looking at the rules of Acquisition

So maybe I’m being a big Star Trek nerd right here, but I couldn’t resist using the title.

After eight months of fund-raising we have still only made it a third of the way to our target for a new tandem. But it’s not all bad news. The funds we do have have netted us something after all…

As happens, from time to time, a second hand Duratec Big Bang R9 has come up for sale, and Tandem Armidale has managed to acquire it.

That wouldn’t have happened without the support of the Blind Sporting Council who gave us a $300 grant that helped us seal the deal.

We’re really appreciative of the seller for being a good negotiator, and giving us the opportunity to purchase from him.

And of course, we can’t forget to thank our supporters, who in no particular order are:

  • Armidale, Armidale Dumaresq and Duval Lions Clubs
  • Austin College, UNE
  • Armidale Bowling Club
  • New England Mutual
  • Blind Sporting Council
  • Jurgen Schaub
  • Wendy Berkley
  • Jo Wauch
  • Dave Gaukroger
  • Geoff Stratten
  • Peter Meers
  • Diane Donaldson
  • Todd Norbury
  • Michele Deschamps

Thanks also to the Armidale Express and Armidale Independent for their support in publicising our fundraising.

Of course we still have bike maintenance, plus a share of insurance and some other costs to cover, so we’d still appreciate support from business sponsors and donations.

We’re just working through the fun of getting the bike transported here, and hope to be out on the road on it in a couple of weeks.

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