Quiet a Bit

It’s been ages since a post here on tandemarmidale.com. In part because there’s not been much to say, but that doesn’t mean that there’s been nothing going on.

There’s been a bit of sickness and business in the camp, with stoker Andrew finding his immune system not behaving quite a well as one might like. Other family and work commitments have also kept us off the bike more often than we might have liked.

We also elected not to participate in the 2015 National Para-Cycling Series for family and cost reasons (flying Armidale to Adelaide is expensive!).

On the posative side, however, the group has grown with the addition of new pilot Brendan and husband and wife pilot and stoker team Lynda and Warren.

Andrew has also been working away for our parent group Exsight on a new website, which should be launched real soon now(tm).

Tandem Armidale kit designAnd lastly we’re about to order our first team kit. Thanks to our kit sponsor Shock Sports for helping us get that organised, and thanks to our supporters Armidale Bowling Club, Austin College, New England Mutual, Eye Support a Star and the Armidale, Dumaresq and Duval Lions Clubs.

We’re hoping to be back to racing some club races shortly, and look forward to riding through the rest of 2015!

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