Now is the time to plan

A pie chart with no lablesAs you may be aware, Tandem Armidale is part of a larger non-profit group, Exsight Tandems. That means that we’re an incorporated, not for profit association, and in addition we have charitable status.

It’s the time of year for doing budgets, and we’re just working on ours. We need around $1200 to run for the year. It’s not a lot of money, and just about all of it is spent making sure our bikes are able to be ridden.

Everything else is run on volunteer efforts, from this website and the social accounts, all but the most complex maintenance, and of course piloting for our stokers.

A key part of what Tandem Armidale does is provide the bikes to be ridden. Tandem bike are expensive, and some components are specially made. Our riders, people with disabilities, tend to live in the lower income brackets, and have higher expenses than your average person. We want to make sure that people have access to bikes to ride, even though they can least afford it.

$1200 isn’t much at all, so we’re asking for your help. Even a little bit goes a long way on our little budget.

You can do a single donation. If you get it in before June 30 you can use the deduction against this year’s income tax.

Or you can set up a giving plan. Donate a little bit regularly for the next twelve months, and you can use it against next year’s tax.

Our donations webapp makes it easy. We’ll give you the details to set up a Direct Deposit from your bank account, or you can pay with PayPal or Credit Card. The whole thing takes minutes

If just 12 people committed to donating $2 per week, our budget would be covered. $2 isn’t much, less than a cup of coffee, but it can mean that the group can keep riding around the fabulous New England, an experience most people can take for granted.

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