Winter Has Come

A dusting of snow on a gardenIt’s been quiet around here. It’s also been cold. Like much of the eastern half of Australia we’ve had some periods of extreme cold. Armidale has even seen snow twice in July, something that usually only happens every few years at most. With days at a stretch being below 5°C, freezing rain, sleet and the aforementioned snow, it’s not been great riding weather.

Beyond that, sickness and work trips have kept the number of tandem rides down, but we’ve all spent at least some time on the indoor trainer recently. (And we’re hardly alone there).

But it’s not been quiet. There’s a bunch of improvements to the Donations App on the way, plus some more content. On top of that we’ve done some grant applications and developed our 2015/16 budget.

On the days it’s nicer to stay inside, we’re still thinking about riding.

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