Tandem Armidale is the Armidale, NSW branch of Exsight Tandems. The group exists to assist those who wouldn’t be able to ride a bicycle by themselves to get out and enjoy cycling, recreationally and in competition.

When Andrew Devenish-Meares returned to Armidale in 2012, he brought with him a tandem from Exsight in order to keep riding. After making contact with the Armidale Cycling Club he started riding with Dave Rubie. Later that year he also joined the Cycling Club and began racing periodically.

Andrew started a blog under the name Tandem Armidale in March 2013. The name was later adopted by the team and was eventually registered at a business name.

In the first half of 2014 Cycling Australia run the inaugural National Para-Cycling Series (NPS), which saw Andrew and Dave compete in Toowoomba in February, while new pilot Philip Thomas joined Andrew for the second round in Bathurst in March. Tandem Armidale took silver in both rounds, and secured the series lead in Bathurst, a lead that the held until the end of the series.

The NPS was a learning experience. It showed that the group can ride well, but that their 20 year old recreational tandem was not up to the level of competition in the NPS.

While it was hoped to incorporate Tandem Armidale, it was decided that there would be more benefit in joining the Sydney and Wollongong groups as part of Exsight. As of July 2014, Tandem Armidale is a part of Exsight Tandems. Each branch maintains its own accounts and finances and organises its own equipment and rides.


You can join Tandem Armidale by becoming a member of Exsight. Please download the membership form, complete it and return it to us with the $2 membership fee. Please feel free to contact us for assistance if you need it.

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  1. Great to hear of your tandem exploits. Hi to Andrew in particular! I too am a a tandem stoker – I have MS and it has been a great way to get me back outdoors.
    I first saw tandems being used at the London 2012 Paralympics and was very impressed by the speeds achieved in the velodrome, though riding outdoors appeals to me much more. Happy tandeming!

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