Thanks and Good Luck

New England Mutual LogoA big thanks to our sponsor New England Mutual for coming on board for another year. Tandem Armidale has been given $250 this year through their annual Community Support program.

We should also say good luck to pilot Dave, who is half of a team that’s in the final five of the Westpac Innovation Challenge. They’re up for $40,000 and six months in the Blue Chilli Startup Accelerator.

Now is the time to plan

A pie chart with no lablesAs you may be aware, Tandem Armidale is part of a larger non-profit group, Exsight Tandems. That means that we’re an incorporated, not for profit association, and in addition we have charitable status.

It’s the time of year for doing budgets, and we’re just working on ours. We need around $1200 to run for the year. It’s not a lot of money, and just about all of it is spent making sure our bikes are able to be ridden.
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The Rules of Acquisition

Ferengi looking at the rules of Acquisition

So maybe I’m being a big Star Trek nerd right here, but I couldn’t resist using the title.

After eight months of fund-raising we have still only made it a third of the way to our target for a new tandem. But it’s not all bad news. The funds we do have have netted us something after all…

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Tax Deductible Donations

Picture of donation jar

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

As we previously outlined, Tandem Armidale is now part of Exsight Tandems. One thing this give us is the ability to collect tax deductible donations. Tax deductible if you pay income tax in Australia, at least. Obviously we’d love everyone to support us, but there’s lots of worthy organisations out there who can take your tax deductible donation.

Below we’ll let you know how you can make a donation, and some of what we’ve got to say you can apply to those other organisations too, so maybe donating to us isn’t something you can do right now, but maybe it can help you help another organisation.

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