Walcha Road Bike Challenge

Map of the Walcha Road Bike ChallengeThe third weekend in October is usually a big one for cycling in Australia. We’re well into spring, Ride to Work Day has just happened, The Melbourne to Warrnambool is run as part of the National Road Series, while a bunch of recreational rides also occur: Sydney Spring Cycle, Around the Bay in Melbourne (a week earlier this year, though) and Brisbane to the Gold Coast dominate the Eastern mainland states.

The New England has its own fixture: the Walcha Mountain Festival, which includes the Walcha Mountain Bike Challenge on Sunday, and for the third year in a row, the Walcha Road Bike Challenge. Both events raise funds for the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service, which is based in Tamworth and serves the New England and North West NSW.
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Thanks and Good Luck

New England Mutual LogoA big thanks to our sponsor New England Mutual for coming on board for another year. Tandem Armidale has been given $250 this year through their annual Community Support program.

We should also say good luck to pilot Dave, who is half of a team that’s in the final five of the Westpac Innovation Challenge. They’re up for $40,000 and six months in the Blue Chilli Startup Accelerator.

Winter Has Come

A dusting of snow on a gardenIt’s been quiet around here. It’s also been cold. Like much of the eastern half of Australia we’ve had some periods of extreme cold. Armidale has even seen snow twice in July, something that usually only happens every few years at most. With days at a stretch being below 5°C, freezing rain, sleet and the aforementioned snow, it’s not been great riding weather.
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Support Tandem Armidale

You might recall our GoFundMe campaign last year, in which we offered some rewards for donations to the campaign. One was the Tandem Armidale cycling kit, which is on its way. The other two material items were T-Shirts and Caps.

It’s now time to fulfil our commitment on these, so we’re sorting these out for donors and we’ll be in touch shortly.

If you didn’t support us in the campaign, but you’d like to do so now and get yourself a cap or t-shirt (or multiples), then you can let us know now.

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Turning Pedals and not Moving

If you’re going to compete in any sport, there’s one thing you have to do: train. When it comes to being blind and a para-cyclist, things can get a little more tricky. Trying to coordinate a pilot and stoker so they can find time to ride together between family and work commitments is tricky.

If you’re following Tandem Armidale on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Google Plus, you’ll tend to see when we get out on the tandem, often at lunch and on weekends. The rest of my training is done solo, but how does that work for someone who only has light perception?

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The Rules of Acquisition

Ferengi looking at the rules of Acquisition

So maybe I’m being a big Star Trek nerd right here, but I couldn’t resist using the title.

After eight months of fund-raising we have still only made it a third of the way to our target for a new tandem. But it’s not all bad news. The funds we do have have netted us something after all…

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