Vale Stella Young

I was in a strange city, walking up the footpath, trailing along the shop fronts with my cane. My concentration was broken when she said my name as she passed.

It was the only time I ever met Stella in person. I’d been sent to Melbourne for a training workshop, and we’d managed to schedule a dinner with her and a couple of other mutual friends.

We walked back up the road to our dinner, me holding the back of her chair, letting her guide me through the unfamiliar territory.

I’ve not often been out with wheelchair users, so I felt that two wheelchairs, a short statured man and a blind cane user may have generated a stare or two that night. Honestly none of us could have cared less.

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Share and Enjoy!

If only I could make more Douglas Adams references, I’m sure life might be a little less serious. If you follow Tandem Armidale on Twitter or like us on Facebook, you will have noticed us repeatedly pointing at our fundraising campaign to get money together to buy a new tandem. That’s because studies show repeating the message will lead people to action. We know not everyone is in a position to support us, and that’s OK, but it would be really great if you would share our fundraising links with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email, Quora and any other networks you have.

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Quiet Weekend

This weekend isn’t going to feature any riding for us, because Dave is caught up with Merino Field Days for work.

We all have to deal with life, work, family and lots of other things that take precedence over getting out on the bike. It is, after all, only bike riding, and there are many more important things to consider. For most people, though, its not such a big thing to find a couple of hours to jump on a bike, they can do it when it suits them. When you’re the blind stoker of a tandem team, however, its not so simple.

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Armidale CC Race, 4th January 2014

With two weeks off the tandem over Christmas, owing to my going to visit in-laws in Brisbane, we’d only managed to have one ride together before this race. I’d put in another hour on the trainer as well. So we’re not currently near regular performance.

The plan was for a Paired Teams Race along Long Swamp Road. A 5km Time Trial and a short handicap race with combined times of both bikes determining the winner. Young Sam Jenner joked that Dave and I already had our pair, though I’m not sure it would really work that way. However, as is often the case in Armidale during January, there weren’t enough people to take on this kind of race.
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